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The Young Artist Phenom


Monty’s Recent Art


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The Young Artist Phenom

St. Leger “Monty” Joynes (b. 1941) began painting spontaneously as a teen in Norfolk, Virginia. Following a degree at the University of Virginia, he went to Scandinavia as a Bauhaus Situationist fellow, basically recognized as a poet and fiction writer. But while living at the summer studio of famed Danish abstractionist Asger Jorn, Monty began painting again. His work then came to the attention of the leading modern art critic in Denmark, Jens Jörgen Thorsen. The result was a turn from writing to full-time artwork in watercolor, ink, oils, glass, and outdoor sculptural assemblages.

By 1964, the work of the 23-year-old American expatriate was being shown in galleries; and in his association with the Bauhaus group, he became recognized as an artistic phenom. His associations included such outstanding European artists of the historic abstract movement as Jörgan Nash, Hardy Strid, Bengt Rooke, Constant (Holland) and Novi Maruni (Italy).

Also in 1964, Monty wrote and directed an award-winning short film—A Place In Time—for KRW Productions, headed by the famous Swedish novelists and filmmakers Per Wahloo and Maj Sjöwall.

Monty’s European artistic tour de force ended when he was suddenly drafted into the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War years. He then received via telegram the news of his film award while in Army Basic Training at Ft. Gordon, Georgia.

Out of the Army in 1967, Monty managed a small one-man exhibition and briefly returned to painting. His successes in Europe, and the lost war years, however, did not translate to the American market. Then, too, he had a wife and a child on the way to support. He then turned to his writing skills and began a career as a magazine journalist and editor.

As a magazine editor, Monty commissioned much illustrative art and photography which he edited for publication. In 1969 he also wrote and directed The Graz Experience shot on location in Austria. After hundreds of published feature articles and a guidebook series, Monty became a full-time book author in 1995. His published production includes four novels in the Booker Series. Encouraged to write screenplays again, Monty has written seven feature film screenplays, of which four have been optioned for production.

In 2007 Monty established a studio at his home in Boone, North Carolina, and began painting again. All his previous work from the historic heights of Abstract Expression in the 1960s is now in the hands of private collectors. Two purchases from this period were made by museums in Sweden and Germany. One purchase went to a member of the Swedish Royal Family.

At age 67 Monty is one of the few living artists who can trace his roots directly to the leaders of Abstract Expression in Europe. The new work from Monty’s studio continues to be a direct connection to that significant movement in art history. The surface of a St. Leger Joynes painting still moves in multiple dimensions, and the vivid colors still scintillate with an intelligent energy that provokes the imagination of any serious viewer. After a 40-year hiatus, it is evident that the expatriate American boy wonder who burst on the Scandinavian art scene in the mid-1960s is still a creative powerhouse in the visual arts.


Monty’s Recent Art

Monty’s art work is not traditional in the same way that his novels cannot be pigeon-holed into a genre or category. His early work in Europe was obviously of the Abstract Expression school, but his most recent work is more eclectic in both style and materials.

The Woodhaven Series of 2007,  for example, is very naturalistic in its use of construction boards and a color patterning that is unique. Other new works demonstrate his Native American influence by the use of leather, feathers, and beads. There are also geometric studies in vibrant colors, and even variations on the human figure. It is evident that Monty wants to surprise himself in the creative process, so he is apt to affix complimentary found objects on a painted work. In the Imaginist Bauhaus way, he is constantly experimenting.

Monty is not interested in reproducing what anyone has done in the past. He is the true avant garde artist in that his work is unlike the standard fare seen in most galleries that present decorative works rather than the experimentation of idea-driven artists. This is not to say that Monty’s art cannot be displayed in most residential or office settings. What is implied is that Monty’s art work cannot be passed by as wall décor, but must be viewed in another context that merits attention and even discussion.

In his re-beginning as a serious visual artist, Monty has limited the size of his compositions as can be seen in the Gallery Showcase. One 1967 collector, for example, owns a framed watercolor by Monty that is 2 x 17 feet long! Monty’s current vision has not yet reached those dimensions. As the demand for his work increases and his studio enlarges, he may yet go beyond the single 30” x 36” recent work that is already sold.


Gallery Showcase

Some of the works displayed on this website may go to gallery exhibitions and thus may not be available directly from the artist. Prices posted here are thus at least a third discount from commercial gallery prices.

Please call to verify availability. Website prices do not include shipping and insurance.

To discuss a purchase, e-mail Monty or telephone (828) 264-0037.


bullet The Woodhaven Series
bullet The Boone Second Series
bullet The Garage Studio Series
bullet The Native American Series



Early Spring Growth
9"X15" Acrylic on Board

$400.00 US



Woodland Levels
15 5/8"X 39 7/8"
Acrylic on Board
with Stain

$700.00 US









US 104

Silver and Maroon Activity
7.5" X 15.9"
Acrylic on Board

$400.00 US



US 106

Woodland Motion
10.75" X 30"
Acrylic on Board

$600.00 US







US 108

Window on Growth
9" X 15.5"
Acrylic on Board

$400 US




US 110

Bark with Color
22.75" X 3.6"
Acrylic on Board with Stain

$400.00 US





Cellular Pattern No. 1
13" X 23 1/2"
Acrylic on Board

$700.00 US






Cellular Pattern No. 2
13" X 23 1/2"
Acrylic on Board

$700.00 US


Deep Woods Spirit
15 1/2" x 23"
Acrylic on Board

$500.00 US







Flying Black Circles on Yellow
11 1/4" X 24 1/2"
Acrylic on Board

$500.00 US



US 130

Southwest Artifacts
11"X 14"
Leather on Board with Stone Necklace and Metal Conchos

$250.00 US


US 133

The Four Directions: West
9 1/2" X 15 1/2"
Acrylic & Stain on Board with Feather and Beads

$300.00 US


US 134

The Four Directions: North
10"X 15 1/4"
Acrylic & Stain on Board with Feather and Beads

$300.00 US


US 138

Imposition On Distance
12 1/4" X 16"
Acrylic on Canvas

$750.00 US


US 139

Dutch Masterpiece
12 1/4" X 16"
Acrylic on

$750.00 US



The Ancient Struggle for Light
11"X 13"
Acrylic on Board

$750.00 US



US 158

Nudes Ascending
20" x 24"
Acrylic on Board

$750.00 US



US 114

False Faces
11 3/4" X 28 1/2"
Leather & Acrylic on Board

$600.00 US


Desert Trail Snakes
11 34" x 28 1/2"
Leather, Beads & Acrylic on Board

$600.00 US

US 117

Ceremonial Vulture Feathers
11 1/4" X 21"
Leather, Beads & Feathers on Board

$500.00 US


Two Feather Friends
4 1/2" X 9 1/4"
Feathers, Beads & Leather on Board

$150.00 US








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