The Awakening of Humanity Oratorio

The Awakening of Humanity

An Oratorio for Full Chorus, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor,

Bass Soloists and Orchestra in Five Movements


07 With composer Edmund Barton Bullock (2016)
With composer Edmund Barton Bullock (2016)

The Awakening of Humanity oratorio libretto is based on Native American wisdom and its metaphysic of unity in all living things.  The work is the culmination of the author’s 20-year immersion into American Indian culture and the writing of eight related books.

The libretto for The Awakening of Humanity provides the concept and lyrics for an oratorio that frames the troubled human condition and then illuminates the path that leads to recognition of the circle of life that knows no separation between peoples or cultures.

My respect for Edmund Barton Bullock’s significant composing gifts and my confidence in the potential of our oratorio collaboration was rewarded when his commissioned Te Deum, based on a Latin text dating to the 4th century, had its world premiere in June, 2016, in the Cathedral Sainte Marie of Auch. Patrons of the concert included the Prince Consort of Denmark, church and government leaders, and Knights of the Order of Malta. The 32-minute Te Deum received a ten-minute standing ovation, and it is destined to be performed worldwide.

Bart and Monty Joynes-001
Edmund Barton “Bart” Bullock and Monty Joynes collaborating on the oratorio.

Traveling back and forth from his home in France to my home in North Carolina, the development of The Awakening of Humanity went through two revisions before the first two movements were premiered in France, with three performances in 2015. In a September 2016 work session, the six movements of the oratorio were reduced to five in a combining edit of the fourth and fifth movements. The composer then began to work on the third movement, which he completed in May 2017.

The published libretto and a DVD of the 2015 performance of the first two movements aroused significant interest in both France and the United States for concerts featuring the completed symphonic work. The composition of the remaining two movements and orchestrations for the entire work, however, require supportive funding. Successful crowd funding will sponsor a piano reduction performance of the completed work in France and symphonic premieres in both France and the United States in 2018-2019.

See and hear the 2015 performance of the first two movements here and follow the performance developments of the oratorio at


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